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Sliding Windows in Richmond, Glen Allen & Hopewell, VA

The simplicity of sliding windows is what makes them ideal pieces for any type of property. Since they have fewer parts than conventional windows, they’re cost-effective and require low maintenance. Sliding windows may look similar to double-hung windows, but they open by sliding horizontally along the window frame. This makes sliding windows easy to operate, cutting down time and energy whenever you open or close them.

Though sliding windows already have their set advantages, purchasing high-quality windows from a respected brand offer many advantages. Kensington High Performance Products (HPP), for example, is one of the many companies that offer high-quality sliding windows.

Kensington HPP Williamsport Sliding Windows

The sliding windows manufactured by Kensington HPP fall under Williamsport. The Williamsport sliding windows offer wide-open views with zero obstructions and come in elegant, contemporary designs. The windows are powered by Kensington Glass, which improves their thermal efficiency and reduces condensation. Combined with Low-E glass coatings, Triple Glazed and insulating gasses Williamsport sliding windows boast high thermal efficiency performance without the high cost.

The components of the Williamsport sliding windows are also durable. The high-quality sash and full-length pull rail and twin tandem brass rollers allow the windows to glide effortlessly. You won’t hear any squeaking or feel the window get stuck in the frame.

About Kensington HPP

Kensington HPP is known for manufacturing durable windows that offer exceptional thermal performance and stunning craftsmanship. Their products are easy to maintain and operate and are designed with fusion-welded frames to avoid air and water infiltration. Plus, the windows offer impressive R ratings which improve your energy savings.

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