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Casement Windows in Richmond, Glen Allen & Hopewell, VA

Casement windows are not only designed to give you a gorgeous view but also provide excellent energy efficiency and durability. The windows feature fewer muntins (strips of wood, metal, vinyl or fiberglass that divide the panes) so your view isn’t as heavily obstructed. Their locks are hook-shaped and are embedded within the frame, making them difficult to break into.

Though casement windows aren’t the ideal picks for a number of property styles, they’re perfect for homes that experience side breezes. The sash of casement window acts as a flap which funnels cool air into your home even if you’re boxed in. Another great thing about the sash is that it presses against the window frame on closing. Once the casement windows are shut, it becomes airtight and prevents air and water from infiltrating your property.

If you’re looking for high-quality casement windows to complete the architectural design of your property, contact Adams Home Exteriors for a free estimate today. We provide high-quality Kensington High-Performance Products casement windows to properties in Richmond, Glen Allen and Hopewell, VA. You can reach us at 804-203-0409.

Casement Windows by Kensington HPP

The casement windows manufactured in Kensington HPP boast a simple operating cranking mechanism that easily opens sashes for ventilation and locks them for airtight security. The handle of the windows folds down, so as not to interfere with the interior blinds or draperies. Kensington HPP’s casement windows give you maximum daylight opening and ventilation. They also feature improved UV protection and come in a full frame R-3.8 awning style. The casement window is included in Kensington HPP’s Williamsport Series.

About Kensington HPP

Kensington HPP was founded in 2013. Though their company has only been around for a few years, their foundation began by purchasing a plant that developed residential replacement windows in western Pennsylvania.  The factory they bought started manufacturing custom vinyl replacement windows in 1977.  Their custom-made products were known for their durability, craftsmanship and exceptional quality. Because of the factory's rich history, Kensington HPP continues to adopt modern window manufacturing procedures to provide high-quality vinyl replacement windows to the community.

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