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Bay and Bow Windows in Richmond, Glen Allen & Hopewell, VA

When you’re looking for a large window that opens up the area of your living room, dining room, or kitchen, consider getting a bay or bow window. Bay windows consist of a large center window with two smaller windows on each side. Bow windows, on the other hand, are composed of four or more windows installed side by side. Though the windows are designed differently, bay and bow windows offer similar benefits:

  • They give you an excellent view of the outside
  • They make your property look clean and modern
  • They invite more natural light into your building
  • They provide excellent ventilation
  • They increase curb appeal and property value

If you’re looking for the best bay and bow windows in Richmond, Glen Allen and Hopewell, VA, contact Adams Home Exteriors today. The bay and bow windows our company offers are manufactured by Kensington High Performance Products (HPP).

Kensington HPP Williamsport Bay and Bow Windows

The Williamsport bay and bow windows manufactured at Kensington HPP come in various high grade, furniture quality designs. They can be designed with multiple windows and a variety of angles, finishes and window styles. Both the bay and bow windows brighten up your living areas by inviting more natural light in the room. Without a doubt, your chosen bay or bow window design will make your property stand out.

The uniqueness of the bay and bow windows in the Williamsport line features more improvements and designs than other window brands. The bay and bow windows feature:

  • Internal, concealed turn-buckle/cable support system for superior structural integrity
  • Mounted on structural wood for support
  • The exposed exterior wood members are protected by a rigid vinyl capping system
  • Offer an R-7.5 rating

The options of bay and bow windows include:

  • DuPont Corian® seats for added beauty and durability (available in Cameo White and 5 decorative colors)
  • Maintenance free laminates on the seat or all the interior surfaces
  • Factory staining (ask your dealer about this option)

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Kensington HPP’s bay and bow windows are manufactured with contemporary construction combined with old world craftsmanship. As a result, you get windows that come in traditional or modern designs and are made with durable and long-lasting components.

If you want a Kensington HPP bay or bow window installed on your property, call Adams Home Exteriors at 804-203-0409 today for a free estimate.

About Kensington HPP

Though Kensington HPP was only founded in 2013, the plant the company purchased started developing residential replacement windows since 1971. The factory began taking their products to the next level by manufacturing custom vinyl replacement windows in 1977, becoming one of the first companies to manufacture the unique window type. Due to the plant’s rich history of creating fine and durable windows, Kensington HPP continues to adopt the latest window manufacturing techniques to create timeless pieces.