The type of product you choose is vitally important. However, the installers are more important. Bending metal for your trim work is an art form. Not everyone with a break can make your house stunning. We install all siding jobs to VSI standards. To make sure the money you spend will be an investment that will last a lifetime!!!

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Siding your home is one of the best dollar for dollar investments your can make. The average siding job returns 89% of your investment in equity build according to Remodeling Magazine. A good siding job can completely transform your home from shabby to new in just a few short days. Adams Home Exteriors have been selling and installing vinyl, composite, and wood siding since  1989. Siding is a very difficult decision to make as a home owner. You have to pick your style, color, and trim color. We make this job painless. When our Representative sits down with you we will show your various styles and colors. We also use a siding simulator to help you visualize the color palate on your home. Although siding can be a great investment it can also be a huge mistake if you choose the wrong contractor. Common installation mistakes can turn your dreams of a beautiful home into a nightmare. Let us show you how we install and some testimonials from our customers and you will know you made the right choice before you spend a penny.

We not only help you with all the design and installation aspects we will also help you fit the job into your budget. We offer many financing plans to make a big job manageable. We specialize in home repair or vinyl and composite siding in Richmond. Adams Home Exteriors vinyl and composite siding come with warranties.

Siding not only improves the look of your home it also helps make your house much more energy efficient. While most contractors choose the brand of siding they use based on where they have a corporate account and know little or nothing about the product they are selling.  Our representative will talk about mill thickness, type of backer board including estimated R-values. it is much easier to make a prudent decision when you have the knowledge to back you.