Adams Home Exteriors  can custom measure and make your windows. We take pride in a beautiful finished job. The Huntington window from Kensington will greatly improve your homes efficiency and add beauty and value. Give us a call and let one of our factory trained representatives show you this amazing window. The windows have a lifetime warranty on seal failure, glass breakage, and every part of the window. Don't settle for an inferior window when you can have the most energy efficient window on the market for a comparable price. The Kensington window is the only window on the market that uses HEAT MIRROR technology. The heat mirror was designed by NASA for windows in the space shuttle during reentry. Since then they have been common place in commercial buildings. The empire state building, museums, and Mcdonalds restaurant have used the heat mirror window for decades. Kensington secured the rights to introduce the technology into residential applications. The result is the most energy efficient windows money can buy. Adams Home Exterior is very proud to be the Richmond areas chosen distributer. We know energy savings can help you budget and over the years the windows can actually pay for themselves. Not only are the Kensington window the best value but they come with a Lifetime Warranty that assures you these will be the last windows you every buy for your current home. When one of our representatives demonstrates the heat mirror glass packs you will be amazed. I have not met one person who has seen the product and doesn't want these windows in their home. Give us a call today to set up your demonstration and Join the Adams Home Exteriors family.

Kensington Windows

‚Äčreplacement window

.18U value

‚ÄčAdams Home Exteriors is proud to be affiliated  with Kensington HHP. We are one of the only places to purchase the Heat Mirror in the Richmond area