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Should I Expect Energy Savings with New Windows?

Should I Expect Energy Savings with New Windows?

One reason a homeowner invests in new windows is to improve the home's look. Another reason is anticipated energy savings. Expecting to save money on energy consumption is common because many window installers use that feature as a selling point for energy-efficient windows.

While energy savings is a promise that many anticipate, not everyone sees the results they expect. Why do some new windows fail to bring about the anticipated energy savings when they are installed in your home?

Factors That Play a Part in Lowering Energy Consumption

Energy-efficient windows can only do so much to help reduce your home’s energy consumption. While they do help reduce energy bills, there are other factors that affect just how much you end up saving. Here are some factors that determine how much energy-efficient windows can reduce energy consumption in your home:

Window composition – Not all energy-efficient windows meet your expectations. Some are more effective at reducing energy usage than others because of the composition & design of the windows. Key factors in reducing energy costs include the number of panes, the type of frame, and the window design itself.

Using double- and triple-panes of glass, for example, is a huge upgrade over single-pane windows. Argon gas between the panes helps to increase the energy efficiency, and energy-saving coating on the windows helps as well.

Window location – Where these energy efficient windows are installed plays a huge part in how much savings you actually realize. If the windows are placed in rooms that receive direct sunlight, they will trigger more savings. If the windows are installed in rooms without direct sunlight, the savings will be less pronounced.

Window design – The kind of window you choose plays a part in your energy savings. The most energy-efficient windows you can select are double hung and casement windows. Also worth considering are picture windows because these cannot be opened, which helps with insulation.

Window installation – Another factor that is crucial to the energy efficiency of your window is the installation. Proper window installation is a must and should be done by an expert that knows how to achieve maximum energy efficiency with each installation. In Richmond, Glen Allen & Hopewell, the company you can trust with this is Adams Home Exteriors. With years of home-improvement experience under our belt, you can rest assured that we will install your windows the right way to give you the full benefit of its energy-efficiency.

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