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Let Nature in with New Garden Windows

One thing that can make the biggest difference between an ordinary meal and one that is spectacular is a sprinkling of your favorite fresh herbs. One way to ensure that you can have fresh herbs every time you need them is to install a garden window in your kitchen. With a garden window, you won’t have to worry about having to go outside to pick your herbs for your meals.

What is a Garden Window?

Let Nature in with New Garden Window

A garden window is another type of window that juts out of your home, much like a bow or a bay window, except it's a smaller and more useful addition to your home. A garden window is a type of window that you can use to grow potted plants. It is like a small greenhouse in your home, with glass all around that allows enough sunlight in for your plants.

Your garden window can have glass shelves to place your plants and can be installed anywhere you want in your home. The most common area to install a garden window is usually in the kitchen, often behind the sink. You can also have more than one garden window installed if you want more space for your indoor plants.

Other Benefits of a Garden Window

Aside from allowing you to grow plants indoors without needing to take them out daily for sunlight, a garden window also presents you with a lot of other benefits. Here are just a few benefits that garden windows provide:

  • Gives you more sunlight – The glass panes of your garden window allow a lot of sunlight into your home. This will make your home brighter during the day, dispelling any gloom that usually comes with a dark room.
  • Gives you additional shelf space – While a garden window’s shelves are primarily used for indoor plants, you can actually use these for other things. You can put decorative items on them, your dried herbs, and even some of your kitchen tools.
  • Adds some style to your space – Just like bow windows, garden windows add style by creating a custom, unique and stylish look for the room.

If you are thinking of adding a new window to your home in Richmond, VA or surrounding areas choose a garden window. When you decide to install a garden window, rely only on a company that can do the job right for you, and that company is Adams Home Exterior. We are a company that specializes in home improvement and repairs and have been in the business for more than 20 years now.

Whether you need replacement windows or you are thinking of installing a garden or bow window to your home, we are the company to call. We can also help you with siding upgrades, replacement door requirements, and the installation of heat mirror film for better indoor temperature control. Contact us today at 804-203-0409 so we can help you with your home improvement and repair needs.

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