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Heat Mirror Technology Explained

Heat Mirror® Film Technology in Richmond, Glen Allen & Hopewell, VA

Every homeowner wants to create a comfortable home environment. However, maintaining your indoor climate can be difficult, especially whenever winter or summer hits. Usually, you’d rely on your heating or cooling system to keep the atmosphere pleasant. Unfortunately, this often leads to increased energy consumption, which results in higher utility bills.

Fortunately, there are many energy-saving products available on the market. Some of the best include windows that feature Heat Mirror® film technology.

What is Heat Mirror® and How Does it Work?

Like most insulated glass windows, Heat Mirror® windows help keep your home temperature at a pleasant climate by reducing heat transfer. However, what makes Heat Mirror® technology different is that it can slow down heat gain more effectively. This is because Heat Mirror® windows have more than one air cavity between the glass panes.

When there are more layers of coated polyester films between the panes, the window will have better temperature control. Plus, an increased number of air chambers also gives you the option to add more gas fillings and coatings. As a result, your windows can block 99.7% of harmful UV rays and have R-ratings between 8 and 13.

Why Choose Heat Mirror®?

Between the average replacement window and Heat Mirror® window, the latter gives you more value out of your purchase. Most replacement windows usually come with two or three panes that are coated with four layers of Low-E glass and filled with Argon gas. On the other hand, Heat Mirror® has more to offer because it’s constructed with the following:

  • Five coatings of Low-E glass
  • Two panes of double-thick glass
  • Suspended Heat Mirror® film technology
  • Panes filled with high-efficiency Krypton gas

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What’s Heat Mirror and How Does it Work?

Heat Mirror® was named one of the 100 greatest inventions around the house of the last 1,000 years by Popular Science magazine. Heat Mirror® technology was also used as a component of the B2 Stealth Bomber. Thanks to its incredible heat-reflective properties, the film on the windows helped the plane generate an extremely low heat signature that made it virtually undetectable to radar equipment.

On an even grander scale, all of the windows in the iconic Empire State Building -- more than 6,500 total windows -- have been updated with Heat Mirror® technology. This makes the Empire State Building one of the few "green" skyscrapers in New York City because of its eco-friendly updates that consume less energy and benefit the environment.

With Heat Mirror® technology, you’ll instantly create a comfortable home environment. You’ll also rely less on your HVAC unit because the film will prevent summer heat from entering your property and winter heat from escaping. By blocking out 99.7% of UV rays, Heat Mirror® windows will minimize fading in your upholstery, carpet, and decorative paintings.

When you’re ready to experience the advantages of Heat Mirror® technology, contact Adams Home Exteriors. Our company is an authorized dealer and distributor of Heat Mirror® products to properties in Richmond, Glen Allen, and Hopewell, Virginia.

Our technicians are licensed and certified to install Heat Mirror® products in your home quickly and safely. We can also help you look for Heat Mirror® windows that suit your budget and the architectural style of your house. When you're ready to upgrade to Heat Mirror® windows, give us a call at 804-203-0409 and we’ll be ready to assist you.